Account Locked Ever Since first sign in



I had signed up at the envato market for a theme download for a client. After the payment and download, i was locked out of my own account. I have been continuously writing to these people, raising tickets and all i get is an auto reply and a mail from their side stating that the issue has been forwarded to some pathetic team like the one below.

Thinesh P
Thinesh P (Envato Market Help)
Sep 10, 23:55

Hey Viral,

Thank you for contacting Envato support. I will forward this to the appropriate staff member/team for review. We’ll be in touch shortly.

Thinesh P

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I have been running behind them for almost 3 weeks now and they give me the same shit reply everytime. So I guess it’s just their time that is important, the users can go to hell. They got the money that they wanted. So next time i want to buy i theme i have to create a new account. Nice way to force a user to create a new account and increase your user database. PATHETIC SUPPORT

Can anyone from the forum help me out with this freaking issue.