Account locked after purchasing a theme on envato market

My account got locked after I made a purchase. Envato voided my transaction, with no explanation, and support said they can’t do anything about it, and the decision is final to keep my account closed. What the heck is going on??? Why are you doing this to your customers???

Envato reply:

Phil (Market)

Apr 14, 2023, 00:16 GMT+10

Thank you for your recent email to Envato, we appreciate you reaching out to us.
Unfortunately like all companies we have a number of internal policies in place which, for business reasons we do not divulge. After reviewing your application for service, we are unfortunately unable to re-enable your account.

Hello @asasp

You can open ticket for more help from envato

Customer support


Would be useful to contact seller again.

I don’t believe the seller had anything to do with the account closure.