Account accessed and items bought by someone else

Hi everyone. On Saturday morning we were at the mall and I got a text message from my bank that two transactions have been done on Envato Market. I immediately tried to login to my account on my phone and got to see the transactions under my statement tab and had enough time to remove my credit card. I was then logged out.

I got home about 2 hours later and tried to access my account on my desktop and I couldn’t log in. I emailed support and they wanted to verify its me which I replied to with all the necessary answers. Then Sunday came and I heard nothing back.

This morning I tried again to log in and I got in. I checked my card was removed but these transactions were there. I have gone into my Windows 10 logs and there were no activity on my desktop from 07:00 up to 11:31 when we got home on Saturday.

I have sent all the proof through to their support and I haven’t received any communication back. I did not make these purchases. None of my current customers would want a taxi website theme or a coronovirus tracker and water drinking reminder. I didn’t even download the files. I don’t want it.

I need this money back in my account. I dunno what else to do. Any advice on how to speed this up before Friday?


Please open Help ticket and let them know if you didn’t already. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you. and only they (Envato Customer support team) are the right team to check and support you.


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