Accont Locked

After purchasing Themeforest theme, my account was locked and I asked the support team to inform them about the account being locked and to reactivate my account.

They stated that there was a problem with my credit card and reactivated my account. Then it starts right here.

After reactivating my account, only Paypal was active as the payment method and since Paypal Turkey has stopped its activities, I cannot pay by account or card.

The support team states that the payment method is automatically set by the system, which is complete nonsense.

This problem has become a problem that users in Turkey have frequently encountered recently.

Now our agency has lost access to the products in your marketplace and my business is locked.

We would like to reactivate credit card payments from my account.

It’s because of the charge-back issues performed by the Turkish banks and stolen credit card problems. There’re way too many issues.

Putting the “PayPal” only option would reduce the problems as well as PayPal provide few more steps and holds the money for the confirmation/prevent the chargebacks.

You don’t have to have PayPal, you may be still using PayPal to pay the fees

I need to add the country and phone number so I can make Paypal payments. I can’t go any further from here.

That’s the thing I have never checked. Sorry to say but at this stage, I’m out of the suggestions. You can contact Envato support for further details but I have doubts the results would be the different

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