About sale reversal issues and solution idea..

Hi guys… Yes yes, another sale reversal, but this topic is not created for this purpose.

I had an idea. Envato team say (if i understand right), when there is a sale reversal is something wrong with paypal / money / whatever and never get the money, right?

A good idea is, to enable the download section when the money process is 100% complete. I mean, i don’t care if need to wait some time minutes/hours until envato get 100% the money of purchased item. This action is not too difficult, developers can change this feature i think.

Post your comments about this guys… I will love to answer envato team to this topic too.
Thank you and have a nice day!


Sales get reversed in hours/days and there’s no chance buyers could wait when buying digital goods. I surely couldn’t/wouldn’t.

Wait a minute… We have 2 options here.

Option 1. Envato get the money, and buyer after 2 days (for example) ask for sale reversal at his paypal account and
Option 2. Envato never get the money for the item which purchased.

I talk about the second option. Envato say sale reversals are money never get it. So don’t want to wait?
If for some reason to your real bank you send money to your family, and bank have a problem, something inside bank systems, you can wait right? (as i understand, option 2 is something like that).

Sorry, but with this (2) option, I (the author) lose from all this each time and You (the buyer) are the winner. I don’t agree.

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Today I got 2 sale reversals from the same person. (this is my first time). So I don’t know whether that person downloaded or not and available for free in elsewhere. So there should be some kind of good explanation to this as odiusfly mentioned or they should contact help or go through some kind of process.

Reversals can take place weeks after the sale has taken place. The money will have been paid and received… but Envato then have to pay it back.

So we talk about option 1. Buyer ask for sale reversal.
My question is: Only at paypal account can ask someone for reversal? I mean the other methods (skrill,etc) can?

Not sure about Skrill, but you’ll usually have payment protection on credit cards.

Ok, thank you! : -)

With that option everyone can do reversal every time. Would be great to write a list of the costumers which doing reversal

usually after sale reversal, envato suspends/ban that user account

so its of no use i guess

and even if not, they come with different accounts :smile:

This is the big true…

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Yeah this happened to me too and I think people are just taking this as away to get the items for free. What can we do about this?