About Laravel Ecommerce Project Approval Requirement

actually, I’m new in Envato. recently I developed e-commerce using laravel. but my usage frontend theme is not unique I purchase this theme from theme forest. and the admin panel is open source (admin lte) so it is approved or not. any one can tell me about this issue

You cannot use other items already for sale on envato without permission, extended licenses, and an agreement with the original author.

If the admin is OS then you need to check the commercial license permissions

In honesty, merging two elements neither of which are original or your own, sounds like a recipe for disaster.

thank you for your suggestion. actually, I’m new in the Envato market for that reason I asking this. but some scripts I see that they are using Themeforest frontend design. there eCommerce project.

It might be the same author who designed the original file or they could have a working relationship with them.

It’s not, not allowed, it just has to be done correctly

thank you charlie4282. for your advise.

I have more than one question charlie4282, if I contact the frontend designer and agreement with the author for using this design in my project and if I buy extended license? then any problem charlie4282

The author needs to give you permission (they may want an feee or an % of sales).

They then let envato know it’s approved and give give you a ticket ID to submit with your item.

Typically you would need the extended license too

Worth noting that just because a design is approved already does not guarantee it will be approved when converted