Buy html theme to develop theme Opencart

Hello everyone, I have a problem to consult, I am the developer of Opencart theme, I have an idea, I want to buy an html theme template on Themeforest, then I will develop it on cms opencart, next this theme for sale on Themeforest, this will it be a policy violation if I do so?

Yes, you have to have permission and evidence of approval to make the conversion from the original author

Maybe i need to talk to the author first to get it approved before i buy the html theme, thanks for sharing your experience

The author needs to send a ticket to envato approving the conversion and give you the ticket ID to add to your submission.

You will also need an extended license

Thank you for your sharing, Can you send me the link to create an envato approving ticket?

Envato Authors Help and Support

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Thank you so much, have good day