Could I bought HTML template for change code and do Laravel admin panel for selling in future

Can I buy any HTML templates in your sites, for example this theme: Unique | CV Resume Template by LMPixels | ThemeForest for change this code and integration with Laravel framework then will do admin panel for selling them in future?
I want do admin panel for this theme for sell this with my admin panel in Laravel framework.
Can I do that in this site and another sites in internet, I mean about rules?

To do it to sell in envato you need permission/agreement with the original author

To do it to sell elsewhere you need a new copy license per website using it


you have to get permission from the template author and also have to purchase an extended license.

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Thnx for answer.
I have another question about this direction
What about popular CSS frameworks like as Bootstrap and MaterializeCSS, could I use them for will selling HTML templates, maybe WP or Laravel fullstack sites with them?
Or I must have written my framework for selling any place in internet?
I mean about commercial use these frameworks for selling my theme, sites, HTML templates and etc.

those are open source and you can use them in your commercial item, no problem to use them. for using any third-party script in your item you have to check their license and have respect. Envato market all items license belongs to item’s author, so you will need permission from item author for author collaboration.


Thnx you so much, this is information enough for licenses.