about business card rejection

recently my last business card that i submitted was hard rejected…can anyone tell me why my card is rejected.
I’m including one preview of my card.

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Hello mr_remon

Make sure the font type or user Logo
And make sure the design bleeds .:heart:

hi, for me it looks really professional and tasteful and fail to identify why it was rejected … maybe a matter of font size (not sure) but if u did not do, i would recommend that u make colors match from one side to the other , for sure it will help if this is not what happens yet …

i made 4 differnet color version of this card thats why i posted 2 different color…color are same at both side.

the preview looked a bit confusing then … u shoudl think about it for potential buyers …

Could simply be that it is too similar to other designs already on sale?

can u show me that design?

I meant generally…