A word of appreciation for the staff of Envato

I have a client who liked a script on CodeCanyon and asked me the various cases where licensing was his concern. I was asked if I can get an “official word” from Envato.
Stumbled upon the item policy link (Item Support Policy | CodeCanyon) and sent it.
I understand that people just want to be careful with purchasing the correct license and sometimes they get confused.
The detailing with examples!!! (License FAQ | CodeCanyon)
The content on license faq page is really written to explain to a 5 year old, and have really made my client feel ‘enlightened’ and (in his words) ‘answer all questions, very precisely with easy to understand explanations’.
Just want to say a word of thanks (even though if they say - its my job), I would like to extend… “job, well done!” :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome :grin:

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