CodeCanyon help needed

hello, I am completly lost and can not seem to find a way to email envato to report an authors product/abuse.

could you point me in the right direction, I purchased a product from this author which is listed on for $29.00 however the script doesn’t provide the complete source code, features mentioned in the products description are not included. You only find this out after you purchase the script and try to use it. when posting comment to the author he asks for your email address and send you an email stating you must purchase the complete source code from him

here is his email:
Now below is the itemized price for the app ,
29 USD iOS + 29 USD Android + 450 Plugins = 508 USD .

Apps you can buy from codecaynon and plugins you have to pay me directly .

Below are features of addons ,Let me explain you . . Also what you seeing “Available with customisation” ( on codecaynon description page )

in his product description, he uses the wording Available with customization - which is misleading to your customers, that simply sounds like that feature comes with options can be customized.

Hi @flashitnow. You can reach the Envato Help Center at

Go to the bottom of the page and under “Submit your request” choose “Something I’ve Purchased”. Then fill in the rest of the fields, and send. Hopefully they will respond within 24 hours and you can get some official help on this. I hope this helps. :slight_smile: