A strange buyer that most of VH designers should be aware of!

Hey everyone, recently one customer who bought one of my After Effects templates sent me an E-mail with the content below:

no this is to short for my project and i won’t be able to use it.
i that case a ask envato for a refund.
i have being using after effects for 12 years.

from EDITED: Removed Identifying information
Well, usually refund is not happening if someone has downloaded the project but his decription could be real too.

However, coincidentally, when I told a few of my friend about this case, one of my friend zhisheng, who is also a designer on VH, he said that he also had this situation several days before, from the very same buyer EDITED: Removed Identifying information

this project is not working for me

i have being very nice

i told that i won’t use this project. i just need you yo agree for a refund

i don’t want to post on envato forum

It’s so strange. In less than one week me and my friend got the same requirement from the very same buyer, I think we all should be aware of this “customer”.

Has anyone else had this before?

It’s possible they just made the wrong choices but it sounds v suspicious - I’d flag it (politely) to support in case so they can check it’s not more people too and that they are not exploiting stuff.

How can you make a wrong choice? you do see the demo right? These backsies shouldn’t be allowed.

Can you check your email is it French?