A stage piano/keyboard with best hammer action?

Hi there fellow musicians!

I used to have a Korg Triton Extreme, 88 keys version, but sold it couple of months ago, moved to Roland RD700, and I still can’t seem to get comfortable playing it. The weights on the keys are reversed, don’t know why, so it feels rather strange when playing. Tried many keyboards, but still can’t find something that I can play on with full confidence. Being a classical/jazz pianist, I’m really picky about that stuff.
I’m trying to find a keyboard that can get me as close as possible to the acoustic grand piano, when it comes to the keypad itself, if there’s such. I’m a little bit low on the budget now, but I will start saving once I find something that’s worth of spending on.
Can you guys recommend me something that I can check out, anyone who’s more experienced in that field? Any advice is welcome!


I like Roland but I’ve learned many classically trained pianists may prefer Kawai, having a bit heavier action. Yamaha is something of a middle ground. Visit your local store and go nuts :sunglasses:

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Personal favorite is Yamaha S80. Very special semi weighted with a very tempting bounce.

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You’re right about Kawai! I love it myself too, the thing is, the choice is pretty limited in the stores near by, so you usually have to grab something 2nd hand, when there’s a chance.