Guys!! Suggestions for a midi keyboard :)

Hey guys!
I want to get into music productions . Please suggest me some midi keyboard that would be good to get started :slight_smile:

Something inexpensive. There is a chance that you’ll decide it’s not for you, so you didn’t spent too much money on it.

The best budget midi keyboard I’ve used is the M-Audio Keystation, I got the 61 key version. Good feeling in the keys, good quality. Seems like all effort went into producing a good robust keyboard without crappy knobs and useless lights.

i use the Novation SL mk2 and its great ! but depends on your budget !


Buy M-audio (any model) if you need cheap keyboard with good keys.

Btw, anybody using M Audio Code ? I wanted to buy Axiom, but it is off the market now. Is Code similar to Axiom , I mean keys and sensation when playing ?

You can also take a cheap synth from Casio or other manufacter from a friend(if somebody has it) with midi output and try to work on it for a few days.
At that point you will know better about what you actually need.
Do you need faders and pots with simple keys or a full 88 keybord,or maybe both ))

I’m currently using Impact LX 61 because it works well with Studio One 3.
Very good Midi Keyboard for it’s price.