Midi-keyboard as a tool for improvisation.

Hello Brothers on the sound!

I made a little money to sell sound effect. And finally it’s time to spend the money.:laughing:
I’ll buy my own Midi-keyboard, because my desire is to do music. By my own, I mean the first.
I did a little reading, watched the video, studied the comments, and made some conclusions.

But I still don’t think it’s enough.
Because it’s my first musical instrument, it’s like first sex, I’m very nervous and I don’t want to be mistaken.
I need your help! Any advice, stories, problems, and wishes from you will be by the way.

I think more important than her price is three things:

  1. Quality assembly and keystrokes.
  2. In addition to the keys themselves, I want more regulators.
  3. Midi-keyboard as a tool for improvisation. It should be convenient.

Waiting for news!
I wish you more sales!
The new sound will come with you!

Hello, dimashiko :slight_smile:
I am not an expert of MIDI keyboards, but I own one so I thought that sharing my experience might be of some help for you.

So I own a Novation Launchkey 49 mk1. If you plan to write electronic music it’s got to do the job for you: 49 keys is pretty much enough for synth chords, basslines and melodies; it’s also got 16 drum pads which are fun when experimenting with drums.
As for “regulators”, the keyboard has 9 faders and 8 knobs, which I personally use not so often, but if you are into recording automation, or adjusting volume via hardware, it’s pretty fine.

If you are into piano and orchestral stuff, I would recommend you to purchase a 88-key fully weighted keyboard, as it resembles much more the piano action and you’ll never run out of notes with it’s 88 key range :smiley:


You can’t make a mistake!
Buy what you like and looks good for you.
If you’ve decided to make music seriously, the only one keyboard (especially the first one) will never fit all your needs.
So, don’t be afraid, just buy the keyboard inspired you. :v:

All the best!


Not sure how much you want to spend but I’ve been eyeing up the Nektar Panorama series… they are quite pricey but the DAW control and the motorized fader look sweeeeet.


Looking for what purposes you need it. I think it’s enough to buy enough and it will perform its functions. I personally use a simple and do not experience any inconvenience

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A midi keyboard is the fastest way to input the notes in your DAW. Since no matter what keyboard you buy (semi-weighted or full weighted ect) it has 0 impact on the notes you input on the DAW i would suggest in buying a m-audio keystation 88es. Its simple, affordable and gets the job done perfectly. But if you have a space issue then consider the 61 version of it or even the 49.

In order to controll different parameters (automating parameters or controlling different cc) though you will need a midi controller. Although you can buy a midi keyboard that has a lot of midi controllers build on it (like novation keyboards), or buy a different hardware to control midi my advice is that if you have an ipad or android you are already set.

Check out Lemur, TouchOSC or Metagrid. You can control anything DAW related with Lemur especially.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I also have Novation Launchkey 49 and would agree with @ChesterSound. I got it on ebay for $100 as good as new.

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