A pleasant surprise. Payoneer

Envato withdrew me funds for a payoneer in the amount of $ 24
As you know, the minimum withdrawal amount is $ 50. Why did they make an exception?

I believe the money stays on your account for 6 months ~.
If you still don’t make any sale, it will be scheduled and sent to you.

Most likely. Only the money was on the account for over a year. Now the same amount of time will be on the payoneer account.

You can use the credit card to spend the money or add another amount ( 26$ ) to withdraw the money to your bank account from Payoneer

I would be grateful if you could tell me how to add 26 $. I could not find such option

Deposit to Payoneer?

Exactly. I read that it is not possible to add money to your payneer account, which is weird…

I’m not using Payoneer but you can contact their support to get more help

Уже сделал. Ответа нет, но я понял из информации, что есть в сети, что ни я, ни кто либо из моих друзей или родных не может пополнить мой счет. Вам повезло, что вы не используете пионер) Вы насколько я понял из Казахстана? Любопытно, что там используют для выплат?

Я с Кипра. Я использую PayPal