How much to wait for payoneer?

How much it takes to see youre money on payoneer accaunt?

Actually you shouldn’t wait. I receive my payment in time every month.

you recieved youre payment already?

please tell me its very important to me… im really dont now is it normal that i still dont have money on my payoneer, cuz its first time… and last(((

Check whether you have received email from Payoneer. Payoneer holds the payment for two days or it allows you to pay some payment and immediate transfer.

If you still didn’t receive the payment, contact envato and ask them to transfer your payment.

It takes 2-3 days for money to be loaded to your Payoneer account. You can pay $5.00 each time money arrives to be loaded instantly. When you get email about the money arriving, you will have option there for instant load (as I remember it).

oh i didnt get email… is it normal? just i have some specila sircumstance vith envato and my accaunt… im really nervous, dont know what to do, i sended ticket 1 day ago, but i didnt get answer yet…

how i can contact envato other way then email? its very important for me…

Same problem with me I don’t receive my 2 accounts payment on my Payoneer account :frowning: :cry:

maybe it will take longer time? but i hope not, because its really last days for me, cuz i already sold my phone, and soon i will dont have internet…

Oh! just wait and see what will happen…

you doing it first time?

do you recieve any email from payoneer?

Yeah first time, Nope I don’t receive any email from payoneer and envato too :worried:

Email should arrive on the 15th after Envato sends the money. And you should get email from Envato too telling you that they have sent the money. Did you get Envato email?