A new low for videohive

We are down to fake countdowns now:


Yesterday the countdown was already showing less than one day. So it is not running towards any specific time…
Not long and authors will find ways to create popups when you try to click the back button on your browser.

Is this how we shall play now?


Yes. I often see fake sales like this. It’s sad that some authors do not respect clients or colleagues or themselves, acting in such a dishonest way


This is how you become Power Elite.

Fake countdowns and selling After Effects built in features or free plugins that you do not even care to mention in your description (VideoCopilot Saber plugin).

Looks like videohive customers are a lot more inexperienced than I thought.

Let’s see if I can sell 2D Planer tracking with my next item and act like my tool adds that option called mocha to AE xD

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and, of course, 3 5 star ratings after 48 hours. Sure.

I have items that sold over 1000 times that did not have 3 reviews. Well, all sales were genuine, I guess.

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I am having headache from thinking in the next item and others do fraud and fraud,
That is not acceptable … Some have experiance in work and Know how to build really great work likes many here as @Creattive, @romlam but others are really good with making illusions for customers by these curvey ways

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This is my favorite :slight_smile: It’s been on the item page for like 2 years.
L I M I T E D T I M E O N L Y :slight_smile:

timer is back to 13 hours :slight_smile:

hurry! buy it quickly!


Funny to come across this. I never post, but I see this on a couple Authors in after effects popular items. I actually questioned one since it was a 1 day countdown during the envato mid summer sale which was a week long. Are false promotions allowed if they are not promoting actual markdowns, or promoting a product as a plugin when it’s really not a real plugin. I just think it comes across as dishonest, and I don’t think most buyers fall for it. If we want your product its because your product speaks for itself, and has what we are looking for. Just my two cents.

on paper, no. In reality, obviously yes. Almost all “big players” do it. Marketing tactics are a huge part of videohive nowadays.

The items sell very well, and even if I assume that a part of those sales are not genuine, they do generate a lot of money.

I don’t think that scam could be a successful long term marketing strategy. Yes, they make a lot of money today. But they actually sell their conscience and reputation.
Poor guys… they can’t make money from professional products, all they can do now and in future is scam.
Power Elite or not, there always be people with low morality.

Although cheating wins the game, it does not change the result. You are a good motion grapher or not.

It is the combination of being good motiongrapher and heavy marketing I guess.

these fake countdowns remind me of digital juice. I don’t think they were that profitable, given how much they revised their business model in the last years.

You are right, I agree.

I don’t think that scam could be named “heavy marketing”.

Good marketing qualifies for doing actual advertising outside the system of envato, such as facebook ads…etc Not fake countdowns that go on for months if not a year. There is a AE create pack does the same thing. I came across that pack back around Christmas. I went to go actually order it for a project and in feb and it still had the same price, same countdown. So I did not order it. Go to the page now, same countdown. So, I think it can do more harm than good. I thought it was deceptive and I was turned off by it completely. I’m sure I’m not the only one. If I had to guess, like me, many potential customers survey the landscape and usually do not buy the first item they come across because its marked down ten bucks. Do I need it your template or tool. Does it provide value. Does it benefit my workflow…etc

Fake countdowns that lead to nothing are deceptive or price raising to markdowns such as some top sellers giving you price changes like $59 marked down from $69, but your item has been $49. Deceptive advertising methods.

And in terms of countdowns, they are great if you use them properly. So if you have a true sale that is legitimately going to end in a day or two. Use the countdown to truly let potential customers, this is it. You have a day or two before this ends, and when the countdown hits zero. Sale is over.

But when using it day and day out, over months and months is just used car salesman tactics, and really de-values the product.