COMPLETELY LOST MY MOTIVATION to create another one!

Link removed is the only project on the whole internet, that can make the After Effects layers wave!!! I actually did avoid to add any of those fancy popular effects like Optical Flare, Particles, light leaks. I kinda hoped the whole AE community will appreciate my contribution.

But it is got only 1 sale in 2 weeks!!! Hasn’t got even pageviews, unless i am visiting myself!!!

Videohive doesn’t give me any motivation to create next one. i am done i am speechless!!!

hi zfx its your first item in your portfolio Try to do more projects it will increase your sales
dont give up on yet every time you upload a new project it will also give sales to your old projects

Believe in the begining Iam also thinking like you but Envato cares for us :smile:

I hope you understand :slight_smile:

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That’s gotta hurt. Nonetheless, it seems to me like you’re a pretty talented individual with a lot to offer the community.

Market yourself, build your presence up and keep on contributing awesome work.

You’ll be an Elite before you know it :smiley:

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It’s been only 2 weeks and you’re giving up?

Well, that doesn’t say much for your desire to create I guess.

Look and me, I haven’t created a new item in almost a year!

My items are top not notch, but I have over 1200 sales!

It took me 6 years to do that, but I don’t promote my items.

You need to create, promote, create, promote.

Use your items to create some nice YouTube Videos, just for fun, then link to your item from youtube.

Post videos to Behance, FaceBook, Twitter, anywhere, and always give the link to the marketplace item.

Or, just stop creating, go away - come back in 3 or 6 months and see how your sales are then.

You have the ability to create awesome things, it’s not easy to get an item accepted in Videohive.

Do some things that are too easy for you, but you can do them fast and get many more items on videohive.

Don’t care that they use effects filters, think about making simple and easy for the buyer and newbies to use.

I by lots of items just to see how it was created.

Hope you choose to stay around.