A New Home for the Community

Originally published at: http://community.envato.com/new-community-home/

Every August, we try to create something special for our community to celebrate our birthday and say thank you. Usually, it sits outside our regular program of work, something that we might not otherwise get a chance to do but think our most passionate community members will love and appreciate.

This year, we chose to build our community a new home.

New forums

Our forums are the heart of our community and as old as Envato itself (fun fact: apparently the marketplace forums are one of the few remaining parts of the original app designed by Collis!). Over the years, both Envato and forum technology have come a long way and we felt it was time for a more sophisticated solution that also reflected the entire Envato ecosystem.

Thanks to Scott’s fantastic series of farewell posts over the last few months, I think everyone knows what’s coming and why, and are just as excited as we are for today’s launch. So, without further ado, we are thrilled to present the brand new Envato Community Forums. Yay!

Just in case you missed the wind down, here are Scott’s posts in read-only format:

community.envato.com: Your place for meetups, contests and content.

If the forums are this year’s birthday cake, the icing is our new community app :)

Bringing together meetups, content and challenges into one central location, we hope community.envato.com will soon become your number one destination for community news, stories, resources and events.

But, to make it truly Envabulous, we need your help. We think the best content and activities for community.envato.com are by the community, for the community. No one knows what’s useful or inspiring like you do. So, do you have a great community story to tell? Some valuable tips to share? Finally ready to turn your meetup vision into a reality? We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you

Big thanks to our amazing customers, contributors, affiliates and Envato staff for another awesome year. We all play a part in Envato’s success, and each part is as essential as the other. In other words, we couldn’t do it without you :)

We hope you have fun settling into your new home and encourage everyone to take a look around and also check back in the next day or so for more birthday gifts and celebrations.

Happy Birthday!

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Where is the option to “Request staff replay” ?

@Muse_Master Discourse doesn’t have that option, but you can @-mention people and see the full list of admins and mods here: https://forums.envato.com/about

@natman Got it - Thanks for the Quick reply :+1:

Pleease send me to the author’s profile page after clicking on a username or avatar here. This info popup may be triggered by a much smaller element.

Its’s reply not replay :smiley:

Ha.ha. Edited :smiley: :eyeglasses:

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Is that really the best way to go about this? I can imagine that that would get a bit spammy in terms of notifications. I mean, there’s quite a semantic difference between wanting to direct a message at any staff member, or wanting to talk to one user in particular. When doing it like that, this distinction fades quickly.

You can still flag a message and add a personal note. That will be similar to what “flag for staff” did on the old forums :slight_smile: