A little review team

I’ve been thinking that wouldn’t it be good to have a small group of 3-4 colleagues with whom you can discuss rejections and get feedback from.
I you feel like me, get in touch.
I also think it’s important that we work with similar music.
My main genres is piano, ambient corporate, cinematic. I also have periods of doing epic tracks and right now I’m doing some indie pop tracks. Take a listen.
I’m thinking that we put up one track each/week no more.
If we are four people it means that we listen and give feedback on about three tracks/week.
The purpose is of course to get a lower rejection rate and to better understand Audiojungle.


it’s a nice idea… althought I barely have rejections since I listen lots of new approved tracks… it actually worked very well to me.
But I stil think it can be a good idea in case you decide to change style or trying something new.

A little feedback team would be nice but maybe for tracks that are you to be submitted as opposed to rejects? I feel like once it’s been rejected, it’s kind of a lost cause and I just submit it to the other stock sites anyways, i think a lot of people do the same.

now audiojungle is making an effort for not to approve tracks that can make the quality get down so it seems to me that the best way to improve and make good tracks is to listen very careful of wich componnents are made so you can assure not to be rejected.

If someone is interested in joining the group, send a PM and I’ll get back to you.

Of course we can let the team members listen to and give feedback to a track that is about to be uploaded.