A half of million items on Audiojungle.

Great job, Envato. Authors, Reviewers and Buyers of course who made it. It’s a milestone! Unimaginable number, even scaring (a bit) :slight_smile:

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Amazing amount, and my items are not even 1% of it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow thats huge, cogratulation :tada:

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I have mixed feelings about this… When I started, there were “only” 30 000 items… this is scary… drowning scary.

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Too many! There’s a point where “stock music” simply becomes “stuck music” ;p

I’d be happy to celebrate AJ, but maybe not for purely quantitative reasons…

One may think “more is more” from a buyer point of view, but this implied “freedom of choice” is a bit of an illusion, since 80% is sub par music that sounds the same and is named “corporate” or “inspiration”.

On top of that, it’s still not possible to see the upload date in the search results lists. We’ll soon be able to enjoy a scenario where you sort by bestsellers and have the first page full of 10 year old tracks named the same, and first time buyers won’t know what’s going on here.

If I was a stock site, I’d trade “big and old” for “hot and fresh” any day!

Other than that, yeah, sure it’s pretty cool :wink:


Yes, an expectable point to pop up. What does seem too many for authors is not enough for the market, no matter how it could hurt us, It’s the norm of nature, I see no point to complain about the weather.

If about similarity - I think the percentage not much related to absolute amount of items and doubt there is much to do, as the trend is always the king to dictate the preferences and the niches will always be spread unequally.

About search - just hope Envato will find the compromise satisfiable for the most. :pray: Curious to hear the opinion of regular buyers - how they see the usability of such huge library to search. If some are passing by the forums?

I’m a simple person, I see the huge rounded number with many zero digits - I get the cause to selebrate :grin: