1,000+ Items Purchased. Level 6 Collector.

I’ve had the badge for a while now, but better late than never right?

With that being said, to all of you authors out there, thank you for your hard work! I’ve definitely created some great twists to your designs, themes, code, videos, etc.

If you have any questions for me, feel free to ask! I encourage it. I spoke to Envato about a possible interview, however I never heard back from them. They don’t seem to be too concerned about their collectors, so maybe I’ll get a little love here on the forums.

Again, thank you for all of your hard work, and I will be sure to continue purchasing from Envato for a long time to come.


Collector with 1000+ purchased You are legend! :wave: :smiley_cat::+1:

Elite Buyer - Envato should Ask Review of yours. :+1:

Thanks for Sticking with envato :slight_smile:

Thank you! I appreciate your kind words.

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I think so too! I feel as though I could provide some fun/valuable input via an interview with them. But hey, that is their call, not mine I suppose.

Thank you for your support. :slight_smile:

WOW! It’s really cool badge! :+1: You are great customer!
Thanks for your kind words about authors! Good luck to you! :wink:

I have a question)
Do you purchase music at AudioJungle? If yes, please describe your search process, what most important criteria for you (mood, mix quality, track length, ect).

That’s unbelievable! :slight_smile: Congrats!

Congrats :wink:

So AudioJungle and 3dOcean are probably my least visited Marketplaces. This is simply due to minimal need for these kind of files in my field of work. As a Web and Graphic designer, I rarely end up using an audio file.

I would, however, like to note that when I buy something from VideoHive, I end up buying the audio file that is associated with that video 95% of the time. If you are someone who mainly sells on AudioJungle, my word of advice would be to find a video author to use your track on their item. I find myself purchasing Logo Stings and titles most often in the VideoHive marketplace, so maybe browse around there and find some well known authors who you could possibly work with to include your audio (without it being included in their download).


Thank you! It’s been a while, but it sure feels great seeing that level 6 badge all filled up.

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Thank you for your answer!) :v:

Thank you so much for being a part of envato and your kind words for the authors :slight_smile:


Elite buyer right here, you deserve loads of recognition.

Thanks for supporting the authors! :slight_smile:

I would, however, like to note that when I buy something from VideoHive,
I end up buying the audio file that is associated with that video 95%
of the time.

Congratulations, that’s just mad cool!

Thank you all very much! It feels great to have shared this achievement on the Envato boards. I had debated on it for a bit, but did not expect to receive so many replies which such positive feedback. I really appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Thank you again to the authors out there that provide such fantastic work. I’d also like to thank the other buyers out there for keeping Envato up and going, as I’d most likely be lost without it.

Id also like to thank my mom, my da… Just kidding!

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I’m sure that they will make some interview with you (it would be well deserved), Congrats for all your effort :slight_smile:

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@DomHennequin Here you might have an article for the community.

Such an important buyer for the whole marketplace should get a little of special attention.

Woow… :grinning: