Soon 300.000 items on jungle!)


Hey junglers, congrats for this new achievement, about 300.000 tracks for sell…the stock is growing very precipitously, more authors, more tracks, and the quality of the new tracks is also changing…fun fact)


I don’t know if this is more amazing or sad, if you know what i mean…


yes I understand you, but this is nice, because aj becomes the world N1 music stock => more PR, more clients ))


If my maths is right, then this was the 300,000th track:

Congrats to LumenMedia!


Well, there are actually only 188,298 tracks, as in music. Sorry to ruin the party. :wink:


We know that)


That’s great :smile:


Do you think Audiojungle is the more popular out of all the other stock music sites?


In terms of visitors and # of licenses sold it is likely to be #1 or very close, but of course hard to know for sure. In terms of revenue there are probably a few who license for more $$$.


You are reading my mind) Hard)))


WOW, nearly 200,000 music tracks to chose from is really something!..

Do you guys know what’s the average number of new tracks entering AJ per day? Thanks


Wow, 3,836 new items approved just in 8 days !!


Thanks, that’s almost 500 new tracks a day… No comments!!! :wink:


Ofcourse i checked, more of them are sound effects :smile:


But reviewers less than 15 peoples


I have problem uploading items on audiojungle then when i see 300.000 this is sad . Im disapoined


@Codevz I never doubted the legitimacy of your info, my friend. :slight_smile: I’m just amazed by the quantity of new tracks entering the jungle every day. Excluding the sound effects, can you know how many music tracks?


@SonicFox :smile: almost 160 - 200 music, Fortunately category pages does filter to show last day approved items :wink:


@Codevz Great, thanks! I didn’t notice that the category pages display the number of items added. Last year the average number of new music tracks entering the jungle was 171 per day, it’s really something! My guess is that this number will be higher every year.


i am not sure that extremely high numbers have so much to be celebrate as most of the time they are synonymous with raising standards and also having items overflowed by other items and that quality is not always raising in the end