7 bucks for a music pack?Are you kidding me?

I just sold a pack to a US buyer…I recived only 7$ from it…
Envato please are you for real?
Is there any way to resolve this Tax madness for those who are not treaty with US?

Short of moving to another country, I can’t think of anything.

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There must be some other way then moving to another country…

Well it’s the law, so what are you gonna do?

Im not the US citizen and i think i should not pay taxes to US…I have my own country where do i pay for taxes and everything…If you already pay VAT why pay aditional 30%???


Sure, but it’s still the law. The US is aggressive with it’s tax collecting. They got things to pay for! #Freedom

Blame Envato for becoming legally an American company.

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I dont blame Envato because they wouldnt do this for sure…Headache for them and for us too…I blame US for grabbing for anything to get out from economy crissis that is unstopable.

I’m still waiting for my first US sale this year, I don’t even know how I will be taxed.

You can return this taxes in the end of the year from your local tax service.

Is that really possible? Even if my country is not treaty with US?

I’m not an expert but this is what have been written in that article by Envato. This is to avoid double taxation if i’m not mistaken.

How much % do you pay now in your country for Envato income?

I calculated everything and it comes up to 40% of total income so now im working only as “fee” worker so i dont pay taxes…

By “return” i mean you can exclude it from your income tax declaration with the difference of your local tax %. Thats what i’ve been told by tax advisor.

Oh, in this case i’m not sure.

I must talk with tax advisors but im not optimist because my country laws are very complicated.

That should be true for countries with a tax treaty, although those that haven’t, they may not officially recognise taxes paid to the US. Worth looking into though.

Thats what i thought…

Let’s research about Tax Refund. I’m not sure if you have ITIN (Individual Taxpayer Identification Number) you might be able to get Tax Refund. Maybe I’m wrong… Cheer!!!

There is an agency wich return taxes from US but i never psyhicaly worked for US i only have US buyers…I dont know how that will work but in my country, to pay individual taxes are currently very expencive with my earnings.

Maybe a stupid question but have you filled in and updated your Settings -> Tax Information?
Heard of an episode when my friend had ignored the notifications from Envato about the importance of updating the Tax Information and then payed the US tax for one of his sales after NYE (the item was sold for Non US customer) while our county have an agreement about 0% taxes. After he has updated the setting everything seems to be ok.