I'm making $5 for every song sold for $19?

Hi. I just noticed that for every song that I sell for $19 I get about $4-$5!
I mean this has got to be some sort of joke.
I see that it says that amount was deducted for tax but I live in a country where there are no taxes.
So what is this?
It’s so pathetic to see your work earning you back like 4 bucks.
As it is Envato takes 50% cut. Add to that 30% for tax. What the heck?
I’m making pennies now. Haha.
Is there something I’m missing?
I’m from Dubai, UAE. We don’t have taxes of any sort. So I don’t even know what Tax ID to give these people.
What am I missing?

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To solve the issue I think you should just input Your ID Number and they hopefully accept it.

Thanks for the input.
I don’t understand what sort of ID number I am supposed to give them?
I can either give them my residence ID number or my driver license ID.
Where I am from there is no such thing as tax.

Go to your profile settings, tax information and fill out the online form over there. By doing so you’ll no longer have any taxes withheld from non-US sales, but sadly you’ll still have 30% withheld on sales made to the US.