6 Days Ago

Why Delay for Review… 6 Days Ago.


Hello @Graphicscity-sl

It may 2-3 days more or less based on traffic of new items, holidays, or weekends

Don’t Worry you will get mail if it will approve or reject in your email.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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as of late we have more chance to get rejected than accepted lol


Pleas sir i dont no understand your comment .Clear me


this means, nowadays, rejections probably more numerous than approvals, not to mention that in most cases, when people do not receive an “answer”, but their item had been reviewed, most of teh time this is a hard rejection message that landed in the spam folder of people’s mailbox

why ? lol have a look at the many people dealing with hard rejections and you will realize that hard rejections are massive

I waited for 15 days but my Photoshop Action was approved. There is no such approval/rejection system! If they like your Item (High Quality) they will approve it immediately after review.