How long does it take to review an item?

it’s been 8 days since I uploaded the items, but have not been reviewed yet. Can anybody explain how long does it take to review our upload in invato?

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Typically about a week, though it depends on the amount of items that are being queued up. Usually it takes longer leading up to major holidays since everyone is trying to get themed items out.

Check this -

same here , do not worry we are numerous in teh same case …

well i wish u could be true and that such a delay could be true … the fact of the matter is that depending on moments and so on, u can go from one hour to 10 days , how can authors organize with this? and i am not even refering to continuous hard rejections …

If course it could be better, but this is how it is. There are lots of reasons as to why it takes as long or even as short as it does. And you’re right, I’ve had items accepted in a few hours, and some accepted after 2 weeks.

They used to have a progress bar that showed how far along your item was in the que, but because of so many variables it was pretty inaccurate, you could go from 0% to 90% in 2 days, then wait another 5 days for it to be reviewed.

Something that I’d like to eventually see is the ability to plan release days/times. For example, submit an item a month or more before you want it to release, and during the submission you can choose if you want it to be made public right away after being accepted, or if you want it to stay hidden until a specific date/time, or just until you chose to make it available. Reviews shouldn’t take more than a month, so this should be more than enough time.

this is a pretty good suggestion in my view as this would take out some problems related to strategy and planning, i would opt for something like this as it would enable a better control for time, thoug i am not sure that this would not require additional technique that maybe they do not want to introduce indeed

As per my experiance its takes 8 -10 days , because my item not approved less than 8 days before

Here is all item review time or schdule

unfotunatelt this is not this simple, i have had an item accepted once in one hour and one hard rejected in 30 minutes lol my last approved item was after 8 days of queuing, too