5 of 5 Tracks Rejected for the 10th Time.

I guess I’m the only one who’s been rejected so many times on here, the help center won’t give me any feedback despite I opened a lot of tickets for support. It’s been more than 2 months, and I haven’t been able to upload a damn track. I leave you the latest ones though:


You´re not the only one. I´ve been able to upload many tracks (with of course a few rejections) from time to time with no problem. This has changed lately though. I submitted around 5-7 tracks lately that has been all rejected.

Many of this tracks were originally composed (and used) for commercials of renown brands, so I´m sure the production/quality aspect is not in question.

So, what I think is happening is that the reviewers have been told to lower the amount of tracks accepted (there are right now 530,891 tracks and the number of submissions has to be insane) and maybe only accept those which style-wise are commercially profitable.

It says that the playlist can’t be found… bad link?

Check it out again.

That makes sense.

Well, you clearly can compose! I really like what you are doing. I think the problem is that you are not working with a focus on this particular market and as a result your stuff is “too far out” to be compatible with current AJ requirements. I would suggest, take a step back, really zone in on one or two tracks that are selling well and resonate with you and use those as a starting point for your own work. Keep going back during the process of creating to check if you are still on the right track and try not to overcomplicate and not to push too many ideas into one track. I am sure you can get your music approved here, it’s just a problem of adjusting your approach. Good luck.

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That was a good feedback, I’ll give it a try then!

I have just listened to your 5 tracks in your playlist and I can see why they were rejected. All 5 tracks are very well written. All 5 tracks are well arranged. All 5 tracks are well mixed. That is not the issue at all. I think, and when I started I came from the same place, I did not think about commercial viability and how a track could be used in a multitude of ways - not as a bespoke or esoteric piece of music. Create the same style / genre and write music that could fit into many uses. I sometimes still fall into the trap of creating music that could, in all probability have only 1 outlet and limit it’s commercial viability and so it will get scrapped or parts of gets used elsewhere. Keep going but think of how the track could be used in a variety of uses.

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Hi Yuri I was wondering if you had any luck recently with your submissions and if yes it’d be kind from you if you share with us what made it happen. Thanks!