5 accepted = 4 immediate sales / next 5 rejected?

Please help me understand.
I submitted my 1st 5 music cues and received 4 sales within days of them being accepted. I was thrilled! Then I submitted 5 more (that I felt to be among my best). They were cues recorded in a professional studio that I licensed for high budget, award winning documentary films that aired on Discovery Channel (Pole Position: The NASCAR Story) and PBS (Phobias: Living In Terror) And 1 submission rejected that I licensed to WoldCom for $12K as the bed music for an industrial video which was the centerpiece of their ad campaign. Of course I own complete rights to these cues - they were not “works for hire”.


I’m NOT writing with a “sour grapes” attitude but I am legitimately confused and apprehensive about submitting more music from my vast library of cues from the many dozens of award winning doc films I scored. I don’t know what I can learn from listening to other accepted works on AudioJungle for in my estimation the cues I submitted are better in content and sonic quality than many on the AudioJungle site. I think this can be the beginning of a long and profitable relationship but I don’t know how to proceed without gaining more understanding for the rejections. Respectfully submitted, Kenneth Veltz

Good afternoon, as much as it seems disappointing to an item or items rejected may be somewhat disappointing the reviewers do so objectively with regard to the library. Comparing rejected items to approved items on the marketplace as better in content and sonic quality is not really in keeping with a good community spirit.

Thank you for your reply. I understand and stand corrected by your point about compassions. The cues that were rejected were used as the theme music for award winning films that have aired on many major and cable television networks. So I don’t know how to proceed until I can get some specific input.

It’s hard for us to give much insight without hearing the music but since you mentioned they are cues from your personal library - How old are the cue’s? Do they sound dated? The Audiojungle approval process is definitely not perfect but I know they are looking for stuff that sounds somewhat fresh production-wise. It might even be as simple as doing a remix on some of the tracks so they use less reverb or have slightly different instrumentation. Obviously I’m just speculating as to the potential reasons but I hope you find your answer.

The Audio Jungle Community is a great place to garner feedback and advice from a wide Author-based perspective. Some authors who have had items rejected and seek advice post a link to a rejected item from SoundCloud in order for the community to listen and provide their feedback.

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As an exclusive author, you can’t submit this to the Audiojungle library anyway…

He can… just needs to be exclusive from this point on, as long as the track is on Audiojungle.

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Ah, that makes sense!

Thanks for your reply. I suppose there’s not much I can do. The cues don’t seem dated to me and I’m still currently active in the music scene in my community. It’s just confusing and I don’t want to waste time with the submission process without some clarity.
Best to you and thanks again!