4K Earth Logo Rejected - " isn’t at the quality standard needed"

My item got hard rejected. I need feedback on this one because it’s quiet an headache. The only reason i can see is probably “lack of originality”. But still i can’t figure out why this got hard rejected. Thanks for helping me :slight_smile:

Hello, i’m the biggest fan of futuristic stuffs. I like your project but for me it’s kind of slow. Initially I wondered whether is logo sting or opener. Do it not seem so “sharp”. Add some particles you come through, space dust, blur if you judge. I’m not sure if the logo must be in the planet. Add some “depth of field” effects. Mandatory add Lens flare! :slight_smile:
Check out my photoshopped action where you can see some of my backgrounds, planets made and cosmic flyer. CLICK HERE! :slight_smile:

It lacks originality. It looks a lot like this famous tutorial: http://www.videocopilot.net/tutorials/the_blue_planet/.

Also, the camera animation is too simplistic and slow. It doesn’t feel dynamic. Would be much cooler if it had a ramped zoom effect, so it goes faster at the beginning and then gradually slows down in a smooth curve. Also, the addition of some close-up shots would have been nice to make it feel less static and more dynamic.

Thanks for the feedbacks, i will work on the camera and animations :slight_smile: