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Hey there,

Just uploaded a new item that has been rejected and I dont quite think it deserves that treatment.
In my humble opinion this would’ve been the best looking earth logo reveal on the market, unfortunately the reviewer thinks differently(not always I get to be reviewed by someone working in the field of after effects)
Wanted to get some thoughts from you guys about the rejection:

The reason for this rejection is:
""Because of it’s free price point, and how easy it has become to create these kinds of animations, files that appear have been created with VideoCopilot Orb plugin will be reviewed in an extra stringent manner – especially locked-camera animations of planets that simply sit and spin in place.

Unfortunately, this item does not offer anything new or unique, and cannot be accepted."

I don’t think that all animations should be Andrew Kramer’s style, and that everything should be fast or “dynamic” when it comes to space animations(and i did quite a bit space animations, the last one was working for 5 space startups for Singapore for their opening of a Singapore space organization), what I did particularly liked about this project is that you can feel the mass of the earth and get goose bumps after watching it over and over again.

Let me know what you think. Did this work deserve a simple generic hard rejection ?
Can you find a similar logo using city lights ?
Can a reviewer from envato explain to me what the standard is ?
Why should the camera be fast ?

Hi. Sorry for your rejection.
In my humble opinion, I think this time reviewer reason is fair enough. Didn´t give you a generic answer, the reason is well explained I think, a different thing is that you agree or disagree. First of all, before saying anything I like to watch portfolios, and yours is awesome, you have a lot of great items visually excellent in my opinion, great planet views made when VC Orb Plugin didn´t even exist yet. I guess you can do much better than this rejected example. Anyway, is just my subjective opinion.
Good Luck! :+1:

So there’s nothing you dislike, its just that I have better items on my portfolio ? :slight_smile:
As an answer I dont think that I’‘ve got an earth that looks like this one, i am sure I don’'t have an earth that contains a 3-dimensional aurora borealis before this product. And i think their reason is bad, there is no logo openers that use the city lights as a revealer, not with this kind of looking earth anyways, so this project brings something new to the table, that alone and the clean execution is enough for it to be approved, but what do I know I just work on space animations for the past 7 years.

Was just an encouraging answer, because I know that an item rejection is awful.

Just an example making a quick search

This line from reviewer, I totally agree. Again, just my opinion, maybe some other space animations expert can say more than me

It seems that people tend to want to see fast and “unrealistic” spinnings, I get your point but I think that this type of camera movement that was used is just a more dramatic and realistic approach, the earth doesn’t sit and rotate in space, the camera moves away from earth thus revealing the logo. Anyways thanks I appreciate your opinion.

Suppose I´m a customer looking for some space-earth template (and not being a space expert, just some general knowledge)… I´d like to see some stars on the background to give more 3D depth look. The aurora borealis is just a small detail that I have to find because you mentioned, not very easy to see and not an eyecatching element for customers from my point of view. 3D Earth, lighting, earth lights, are perfect, I agree, but maybe the whole animation concept not so much.

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I think it would be exquisite if the logo turns around after passing a few planets

For example, when you cross 5 or more planets,

If the logo turns slowly and appears.

very good

in my side I did not like how the logo appeared it is so simple just what you made a fade and opacity, try to make it more better something like turning the earth and making some particular explosion it may can fix the rejection. Thanks & Regards