4K (3820x2160) Compression Format


Hallo there I am finishing a “Mock Up” VideoHive Template with at least 20 clips at 3840x2160 resolution.

I tried to export these clips as a QuickTime H264 but I have a “Settings mismatch” issue (output file will be resized to meet format constraints 2000x2000 max).

So what I am asking is a “videohive compatible” lossless video format to include as many clips as I can. (not Photo-JPEG 1.5GB per 10sec!)

Any suggestions?



Do it Photo - JPEG but make lower quality, not 100 (I think you can decrease it in export settings).


Quicktime Photo JPEG with quality slightly less than 100% would do the job. Even 99% would make drastic difference in file size.

I guess you are making an After Effects template that uses these assets. In such case, using an uncompressed AVI wont be a problem as it will be compressed a lot while zipping.

I have an After Effects item that has 4GB of AVI which becomes 50MB after zipping. Better try that way too.