Compression Footage for Videohive.

Hi everybody!

I’m preparing footage pack for Videohive and I have some questions. When I export files as PhotoJPEG (90 quality) from Premiere Pro, one minute of the footage has 427MB size. When I Zip it with standart Windows 8.1 tool, the size doesn’t change much - 415MB.

On videohive I saw some much better compressed footage in PhotoJPEG, for example: 5 minutes - 1.23GB (240MB - one minute) or even 9 minutes - 1.59GB (177MB - one minute).

So, my files are minimum twice bigger. Who has some ideas why is the difference so big? Is it Premiere Pro or shall I zip it with some special software? Or maybe lower the quality of PhotoJPEG?

I translate 100%, occasionally 99%, Any compression a loss of quality, no matter how good it looks on the preview. The size of the file does not matter - the value is of quality.

For me I trying to upload 300-500 MB per minute (Full HD). Less size = less quality and less convinience for customers.

Best regards,