Can I use the H.264 format (MP4) for pre-render files?

Hi guys!

I made a new project, but my pre-render files in QuickTime format (photo-jpeg 90%) are too large. More then 1Gb. Can I use the H.264 format (MP4) for my pre-render files?

For clients, who need these pre-render files in QuickTtime format, I want to write links on Dropbox or something like that.

Or do I need to use a different format, but not QuickTime and H.264? What do you do in the same situation?

Why not to use Quicktime H.264 (mov)?
Quicktime Pro encoding great with multy pass compression.

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Thanks, Andrey! I will try. But anyway, 1Gb it’s too small for my project, because I wanted to add an additional version of the project with new pre-render scenes.

I have had an issue before with wanting to use pre-rendered H.264. I was getting some glitchy renders when using that format. Maybe it was because I had 8 different pre-rendered h.264s, After Effects could not process them all because of how aggressive the compression was. Maybe it was my system that was glitchy, I never figured out what the issue was, so I just decided to use photo-jpegs for the pre-renders. I didn’t want to have buyer have the same issues I was having.

How small can you get the pre-rendered JPEG format when you Zip everything? JPEG’s zip really well, sometimes getting the files to very nicely compressed into small zip file. I have had files for a project where all JPEG pre-rendered files together were around 1.5GB, but then after I compressed, it came down to about 800mb.

Reviewers will take project files that are larger than 1GB into consideration if the project file is awesome. Your projects seem to be great all the time so I don’t think you will have a problem getting your file approved if it goes above 1GB.

I think Balistique’s latest project file is about 1.6GBs and it got approved, and it’s pretty impressive file too.

Anyway, hope this helps Wayman. I usually do JPEG quicktimes, or JPEG sequences if my pre-renders are large. If not to large, I go with PNG quicktime format to give buyer lossless file. I guess, it’s always nice to have your files in PNG quicktime format in case buyer does want the lossless file, you can always link file to them. I have not had any buyer as of yet request lossless format for any of my projects that have JPEG pre-renders.

cheers, good luck Wayman

Mp4-H264 is my default format for preRendered files :wink:

Why not? Just be sure to set optimal bitrate btw quality and size…

Vic , thanks a lot for your advice and for your kind words!

Vladislav , thanks a lot! I thought that H.264 can get soft-rejection at the time of reviewing. But if you always use this format, everything will be ok. First I will try to do in QuickTime as Vic has written, and if there is soft-reject, then I will use the H.264