40 days for WP review?

If till today review queue was 30-35 days ( but real time was about 60-80 days ) , what means 40 days? about half year? Right now this site is only for elite authors which produce more themes then new authors? - that’s the only explanation when new author can only add only 1 item to review at a time.

Here is my personal observation:

If you look at most elite theme authors, you will notice that they usually have a rather small portfolio of very good selling themes, which means, those authors are not the ones filling the review queue with new themes, as most elite authors simply don’t need to release new themes as frequent.

It is rather non-elite theme authors with themes that don’t sell very well and/or have declining sales that fill up the review queue, as those authors are constantly required to push new items in order to maintain overall sales. Added to that the vast number of new authors trying to get on Themeforest, and you get your long review queue.

For that reason, in my opinion, Envato introduced a limit as to how many items any author can have pending in the review queue, as the queue would otherwise be constantly growing.

In summary, even if elite authors can have more pending items than non-elite/new authors, they are not the ones filling up the review queue, as elite authors simply don’t release as many new items; most focus their attention to a few existing items with exceptional sales.

All that is not to say that Envato simply needs to put more resources (staff) into the review process!

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So why after they block adding more then one theme for non elite authors queue goes UP ?

Because there are more and more new authors coming to the market.

Besides, I’m the wrong person to ask; that’s a question to be directed to Envato itself. :slight_smile:

They won’t say nothing. In my opinion sales goes down and hire more stuff is just unprofitable. Three/two years ago there where no new theme without at least 20 sales. Right now only few gets more than 10.