Envato Review Time


It Shows ONE DAY for a new item but it has been 3 days for my new WP Theme

Hi @WordpressRiver, Actually impossible to say as there is no guaranteed review time, but your item should be reviewed as soon as possible. You can often refer to the average review times at the link/screenshot you shared as a guideline, but these are just averages (Times are indicative only, based on the average wait time for each site over the last 7 days) and the actual review time could be few days shorter or longer than those listed. Also you should consider weekend. Thanks

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The longer your theme is being held the better it has chances to succeed. Be patient :slightly_smiling_face:

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weekend reviewer don’t review item on Sunday!

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Six Days ago… and still counting…

It has been 7 Days, Not yet reviewed

I Don’t know what to do, Ticket Created, ID 2502301

Is anyone experiencing the same?

We are waiting for 4 days… I think reviewers have too much work.

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Just wait, it will get reviewed.

  • Why it has been 8 days for reviewing an WP Item? Screenshot by Lightshot
  • Why Envato can’t hire some more reviewers to Speed Up the review Process?

I am ready with Three WP Product but i can’t Upload it because of envato’s Delay, This makes Author’s Life Harder

These delays are making Authors more frustrate

We are Expecting the Review Process Time should be 1-2 Business Days

As we authors needs a better review systems, I hope fellow authors excepting the same

No offence, I am just telling the ways to improve envato and author’s life Happier :blush:

Kindest Regards
Mohamed Ahshan

It’s an almost impossible situation - it’s been discussed and the option to hire more people would be unlikely to have the desired impact i.e.

  • it would certainly result in greater fees etc. for envato cover costs

  • sheer volume means that you would need to hire a huge amount of people for this solution to make any visible impact

  • submissions are well into the thousands but inconsistent in terms of frequency making it hard to address

  • elephant in the room and not aiming at anyone in particular. The fastest way to reduce these reviews times is for (some) authors to be more respectful and realistic about what they are submitting meeting the standards to prevent wasting reviewers’ times.

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