2nd Time Hard Reject, Please Help Me

This time I completed the work with more care than the first time. For example: Try to make better good quality like (colors, typography, spacing, margin & padding, size, etc…) but still why rejected my items if describe me then i can’t make mistake again. Thank You

First of all, this design approach has been performed by many authors in years. If you search, you can find hundreds of similar items easily on the marketplace for sale already.

If you want to get the approval of this approach, you should at least add some unique design ( ideas )
In addition, along with still spacing issues as the reviewer suggested, the choice of the fonts are not really good as well as the headings need to be improved.


The overall design concept is outdated. It could be approved 6-7 years ago if polished some of details, elements and improved typography. Nowadays however it’s way off modern design trends.

Just check the latest templates in “Corporate” niche: Professional Corporate HTML Website Templates from ThemeForest Dispite that it’s really hard to be creative and unboring in this category (I mean all these photos of business people), the overall design execution may be cleaner, more stylish and with well-made typography hierarchy which your design is lacking.