Hard reject! Very need your help



I have created HTML landing page DEMO but it was rejected.
Tell me please what have I done wrong and what can be improved. Would really appreciated your help or suggestions.

Thanks a lot!


I think it’s typography and visual appeal. You need to rework on this theme. Design is too common. Hope it helps.


Your design is very common. Come with new items.
With all due respect, typography is a disaster. Look in my posts and you will find useful articles about the typo.
More attention to details.
Do you have problems with loading speed.
The first time is hard on ThemeForest.
Watch the top products to understand what is required.
Good Luck


Thanks for your answers, you can specify concrete mistakes in typography?


Read this :

I hope I do not give spam, whenever I posted these links here. :sunglasses::joy:
With a simple search on Google you will find much more. But I think if you apply what it says, for starters enough.


@thezoc, thanks for the typography links, very useful.

About your design , as everybody pointed out, it’s very common. Here are some tips: You never start with an accordion on the home page. The typography is pretty bad ( spacing, line hight, color etc). Change the client logos…they look bad, maybe try to make them the same color. The pictures all over the site are not looking good all together. The parallax section is not working. The contact form needs to change ( don’t make the boxes blue! ). You don’t have a blog section!

There are a lot more to consider, just look at the existing items for inspiration. Good luck



After your councils I have tried to load other http://bit.ly/1Lho5gq template. On which I was refused too.

Our Review team also provided these comments:

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS NOT MET: Your item does not meet the minimum technical design requirements for this category.

Tell please what these are the minimum technical requirements?

Thanks a lot!


Your problem typography, margins, colors, etc website for so rejected.


You speak about the second website?


Your first link that rejected Demo and second too ugly (excuse for say) see too basic your website


No, I wanted to ask in this subject already about other website http://bit.ly/1Lho5gq


The second website is ugly too?


Yes see too basic your website, this not are professional but you need learn more better typography, colors, etc


I should remove the website which to be on the main domain?


Your can search as idea other website http://www.dribbble.com for designs better your sell. but NO copy designs.


Thanks, but what after all to do to me with this template http://bit.ly/1Lho5gq? What minimum technical requirements he doesn’t meet?