2018 Envato Community T-shirt Contest

Design a T-shirt for the Envato Community and win either $250 or a Featured Item promotion on Envato Market!

We want you to create a T-shirt for the Envato Community! The winning design will be used for contest prizes throughout 2018 and we will also be giving T-shirts away to our moderators as a small thank you for their hard work and dedication!

What we’re looking for

We want to celebrate our awesome community with a dedicated T-shirt design and we need you to help design it! Your mission is to design a shirt that captures the creative talent and friendly and supportive camaraderie that our Envato community from around the entire world continues to demonstrate.

Here are some winning entries in previous T-shirt contests to give you an idea of the standard we are looking for!

How to Enter

  • Create a T-shirt design to celebrate the Envato community
    • Your design must be in a scalable vector format that you can share with us (.eps, .ai, or .psd)
    • Your design must be in CMYK format
    • Your design should incorporate the Envato logo (download here).
    • You may use the leaf element of the Envato logo by itself, or you may use the logo in its entirety (leaf logo + “envato”.) For more information on logo branding usage, please see here.
  • Post a JPG version of your design in our official forum thread.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of your source file! We will need to contact you to obtain it if/when you win.
  • Only one entry per person please, so please submit your best work!
  • Please read our full terms and conditions.

Prizes & Judging

Our judges will be looking for high quality designs suited for a T-shirt that incorporate and reflect the friendly, supportive, and creative worldwide talent of the entire Envato community.

We will be inviting our community moderators to select their favorite designs from all entries and we will then reveal a limited number of finalists that you, our community, can then vote on to determine the winning design!

Grand Prize

  • Winner gets to choose their prize!
  • The winner will win a Won a Competition community badge and a choice of the following:
    • $250 “cash” (via PayPal or Payoneer) or
    • A featured item promotion on a specific Envato Market homepage. Please note: If the winner is either a customer, or an author without a recent, suitable, high quality item in their portfolio worthy of featuring, we will automatically award the $250 prize instead.
  • Winner will also receive a T-shirt with the winning design.

Important Dates

  • January 28 (11pm AEDT) - Design contest ends
  • Before January 31 - Finalists announced and voting begins.
  • February 12 (11pm AEDT) - Voting ends, winner announced.

Good luck!


@EZCode Off topic :slight_smile: Says clearly that T-shirt is for the Envato Community!

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Thank you for pointing that out @dzeriho :wink:
We’ll make some changes :stuck_out_tongue:

Best regards.

No worries @EZCode! I removed the image so it doesn’t confuse anyone else. Look forward to seeing your update! :slight_smile:

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that will be here in this Post, i understood right ?

Hi @heshamsqrat! If I understand your question correctly, yes, you will need to post your entry in this thread. Be sure to read the full requirements and instructions in the announcement above. Thanks!

thanks that i need, i already read it but only i wanted to make sure :wink::blush:

Cool contest! :slight_smile: Are there any limitations on the surface? I mean, can we use the whole surface of the t-shirt for our design, or only the chest part?

@MotionFlowMedia Good question! Just a standard T-shirt design for the front/chest area, please - it will keep costs down when we get it printed as opposed to something unusual which would require a higher setup and printing cost. :thumbsup:


Eunoias for Envato :blush:



Cool Contest. This is my first attempt…:smile:

~Mansi Rao
(Technical Content Writer)


I’ve had an account here for a long time, but I’m new to the community. Here’s a simple design that hopefully represents it.




by avsprem


Here’s my entry.

It’s inspired by something @coloramatv created over a year ago, which remains very close to my heart.

Envatosaurus. King of the (audio)jungle.



And on the pedestal these words appear:
“My name is Envatosaurus, king of kings:
Look on my files, ye Mighty, and despair!”


by avsprem



BY “websroad”


by “avsprem”