2 Item with same name

My Landing page template got approved some days ago. Today I see another template get accepted and it has the same name as mine and in the same category. Is there any problem with that and should I tell him to change his template name.

What if he asks you to change yours :slight_smile:
There’s nothing you can do and it seems he has published his item before.

I think you did not see it properly my item get published 25 November 16 and his one gets 7 December 16. I am new in themeforest so I don’t know if there is any problem having 2 items with the same name in the same category.

write to support and they will look at it, realistically it won’t make that much difference but it could mean issues in the future (he doesn’t support his item, customers come moaning to you as you have the same name). If Envato were going to get someone to change it would be theirs as you were uploaded first but you could change yours before and find a more unique name.

Sorry, didn’t check that details. Assumed that the list ordered by date.

Thanks for your replay. I think I will first ask the author to change his item name.

I think the name doesn’t matter. If the design is same then they should submit the DMCA

Asking the support won’t help in this case as this has happened to me https://themeforest.net/search?utf8=✓&term=Autostar and the support asked me back if I have copyrights of the name which obviously I won’t have. @ThemeAone Sorry, but there is nothing you can do about this just to ask the other author to change their item’s name. Which didn’t worked i my case because I contacted the other author about this and they replied “Thanks” :smile: http://drops.imithemes.com/5nXR

I think you are hopeless here, author can give item name whatever they want. Like @imithemes just said, you dont have copyrights for that name :slight_smile: