Item Name Choosing



Hello !
I just want to know. i have approved html template and i want to make the wordpress version of this item. but if someone use my html item name before my wordpress version is being approve then what can i do? in the new envato rules the item does not approve if its name was already available in the market.


Reviewers usually soft reject a theme with duplicate name. So if someone creates a WP theme with your HTML item name, most probably they will force you to change the name. (In my opinion this is the biggest nonsense added into the review process).

Why someone can have a name and others not? It is a trademark? On the other hand, there are still reviewers who approves items without looking at the title, because there are still new items with duplicate names… Again, another nonsense.

So you can try your luck :slight_smile:


Thanks for the answers … but this is totally illogical … envato should change this rules… :disappointed:


I’m afraid that this is a newly added rule. As I see, it will not be changed soon, unfortunately :frowning: