2 hard rejection. Need help


Hi guys! Interested in your opinion. https://soundcloud.com/mikhailgrayd/1a-1


First one is real fine, i would shorten it a bit and start with that 0:30 part. Melody on that part is just amazing, but need a little bit of more variation. Maybe would add a bit more effects.
But second one really shines lol! It’s just perfect. Maybe they don’t accept just piano/minimal tracks anymore? I have no idea rly. It’s solid commercial thing you got there. Don’t toss it, pass it to other stocks! :wink:


@FireLast Thank you ! I valuably your opinion!


Hi friend,
The first track “Fureral” need more work. The piano is almost no dynamic playing. You can insert the hall and mix it as ambient piano for better feel. Add background string for more exciting. use cello or violin for last solo part.
The second " Classic piano" can work as epic track. The track by itself can not attract me a lot.
Hope it help. Good day friend.


@LongXmusic Hi, Thank you! I will correct.