15 mbp vs 17 mbp & 27 imac ?


I don’t have a Apple store close by to go check so hoping any users with 15 inch MBP may be able to answer this.

On my 17 inch MBP sites, files, etc display much smaller than my 27 inch iMac, I’ve only used the iMac maybe 4-5 times, but when using the iMac everything(buttons,text,etc) is so big compared to the 17 inch MBP. The iMac feels closer to my wife’s 13 MBP.

So is the 15 inch MBP comparable to the 27 inch iMac & 13 MBP or is it comparable to the 17 inch when viewing?

Thanks :smile:

It depends on the resolution. Do you mean a brand new 15" with a retina screen or an older one? Things look small on the newer ones (looks like 1920x1200 but is double if set to highest which I like) because of the high resolution. The 17" has a 1920x1200 resolution so that will look quite small on just 17 inches. The 15" set at highest looks smaller than the 17". It can be quite hard to work with if you don’t have perfect vision. You can always just change the resolution.

Which 27" are you talking about? The not-brand-new one has a resolution of 2560x1440 which looks much bigger (buttons, menus etc.) on a 27" display, than 1920x1200 does on a 17".