On which monitor you work? Pros & cons please.

Hi all. Choosing monitor. Need your advice what to choose. On which monitor you work? 2k, 4k - does it matter? Pros & cons please.
Goal - web design.
Platform - Windows.

I have an Asus 27" IPS MX279H. Does the job! It’s only Full HD though:

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I use a 21" and my 13" laptop monitor side by side. That’s plenty for me. I find bigger than 21" hard to process all at once.

I’m a coder and editor using Windows. I suppose if I was doing design I might want a high-res screen. As it is, HD is the most that I can resolve at arms length.

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Mac OS 13.3 Retina + LG 21 1920x1080 + 1650x1050 + 1280x800 + some tablet with full hd + smartphone 1280x800

Does it have impact to reviewer … I don’t think so, but for sales and customer, yes

ps. windows is not OS for programming :stuck_out_tongue: get ubuntu if You have pc

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Thanks for reply. Any body else?

  • MacBook Pro Retina 13"
  • iMac 27" + Apple Display 27"
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad 2
  • iPhone 6s plus
  • iPhone 5
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Hi there

I work on 2 samsung syncmaster 245BW monitors at 1920x1200. I think its more than enough.



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Thanks guys! I bought Asus PA249q.
I honestly trying to move on Mac. Mac awesome, but windows native for me) Working on Mac it like speaking on the foreign language for me. No time to accustomed.

There is no more friendly for programmers OS than MAC OS X. Windows is for people :wink: If You have PC, try with Ubuntu - long time I use it but it need some knowledge to configure it optimally.

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Cheap monitors x 2 work well for my guys. I bought a pallet load of obsolete 24" Samsung BX2440 monitors and decent graphic cards that had two outlets. Some of the PCs had on-board Intel graphic chips, some just no cards. I hooked up 2 monitors per PC and 5 PCs with S22B310 Samsungs the wholesaler offered cheap. These use the same outlet/inlet as HD TVs.
I used a GretagMcBeth i1 to check the colors and never touched them again for most of last year. I can work with Dreamweaver on one and Photoshop on the other with NuSphere (PHP editor) under Dreamweaver. The thing about WebDesign is that you can do your PHP work and C++, save the results and see them how they’ll look on anyone’s screen.

Web Browsers don’t have color requirements. Save a picture as sRGB and browsers will ignore the color space and just display it ‘as-is’. 60% of the world is still on ADSL they can’t see past HD resolution anyway. but t he big thing is that 90% of people do their browsing on a tablet or smart phone!

I wrote my most successful website on an ipad …True! What monitor you use has zero to do with the content and it’s ability to resize for anything from a Smart Phone to a 40" TV. The 27" screen Space Stock recommends is great if you don’t mind looking back and forth like a tennis match - Same with dual screens but you do need (in my opinion) plenty of RAM so you can keep open 3 or 4 programs as you work. It saves time and needs either dual monitors or a big one.
I paid $115 AUD (when it was $ for $ value with the US buck) for my 24" screens.

They (Samsung) have cheap a 23" screen that has really good angle viewing but needs either an old 15 pin cable or a Digital TV connection. If you intend to edit video for TV viewing or to make a movie, absolutely go for a 4k monitor. Even use a big TV because 4k is no different than monitor resolution. Hope this helps.

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Ha, Ha.
My Grand kids all have Mac notebooks (a school requirement). Whenever I open one its like you say. Might as well be trying drive a space ship!


Try once and You will never back to Windows :wink:

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Dell ultrasharp monitor is a good choice.
btw, Windows 10 is best for me :smiley:

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Thanks all. I want to say: if you have tn+film matrix on your display change it to IPS. Colors realy diferent.

Colors are different … but what display use reviewers and what is most important - customers ? :wink: For example I bought one of cheapest IPS from LG with full hd to be closest to “typical” customer.

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Ha ha, sure, OS X and Linux are great for web programming. I also do embedded though, and my toolchain (ARM with Atmel Studio) is sadly only available on Windows. With Cygwin and Babun, I can actually kludge it into a workable system. 99% of the time I can Node and code like I’m on a real *nix box… and then about once every couple months I spend a whole afternoon fixing something that should be simple!

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What about the price of Asus PA249q.? I am from India. Where are you from ?

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Yes, Linux have this big problem that many software just doesn’t work on it - but You can and should have also some virtual machines with windows for testing - especialy in web development.

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I am from Russia. It about $400 - 450

If you want to buy Asus beware it a little bit noise. My monitor shut down and blinked. I had to return it to the store. For this price you can buy a Dell u2413 or HP Z24i. Take a look on Benq(it awesome but mare expansive)