12 days in queue



Hi there!
My uploaded item is 12 days in queue. When you’ve recently said “now it takes 10 days to review the item”. Do you mean 10 business days? Just curious. Because that’s the first time I see such delay. Thanks


Yeah our recent published item also took 12 days to review. Another is in queue since 3 days now and we can expect atleast 10-12 more days before someone in review team will have a look on that. Not sure what happened to envato review system.


Me too :confused:
I think that envato need more reviewers


Experiencing huge delays here too. It seems they have updated reviewing standards (much more stricter) and it is going to take longer to review each themes.


Yes I believe that it is 10 business days.


Don’t worry, i’ve uploaded my new Interstellar cosmic action, and i repeat - Action and it was approved today, 5 business days after my upload. Before it tooks 2 hours to 1-2 days for Add-ons but we need to be more patients. :slight_smile:


I’m waiting 18 days for the stock footage and still nothing…


18 days, that’s crazy.


I think authors deserve an official explanation on this problem.