1080p Stock Clips Worth Submitting?

I’ve been an Envato Author for 5 years, but have only uploaded a few clips. Over the years, they’ve made decent returns ($2300 ish). That said-- I’d like to begin the process of building a larger portfolio.

My staff is currently cataloging and indexing the massive amount of footage I’ve captured from working as a Director/DP/Creative Lead.

My question is: Is submitting 1080p material still a worthwhile endeavor on Videohive, or are they likely to be rejected based on resolution alone?

I’m asking because I have a lot of unique and hard to acquire footage (locations/events) that were captured at 1080p resolution, and would like to start with that material and work forward to our 4K/5K+ material.

Any input would be appreciated!


videohive likes productions of excellent quality, of course 4K resolution is the most rated and admirable on the market, but as you said it has great products that you created and it was hard to create so maybe 1080 resolution is not something that motivate a rejection, expose your material! :slight_smile:


I think there is still a market for standard HD1080 footage, and will be for some time. Videohive allows authors to submit 2 resolution versions of the same clip, so most authors will submit a 1080p and 4k version of the same file at different price points to give customers options.