1 star rating for support of item that we don't provide support to.

We’ve just received 1 star rating for item support of item that we’ve chosen not to support.

I’m just curious - how do we suppose to handle this in the future? Specially if 6 months support will expire and customers will ask for support inside item comments section and if we won’t help them, they’ll give 1 star rating?

Please don’t advise to contact Envato support to remove 1 star rating as this is simply not possible to manage long term.


Agree with you, next 6 months could be nightmare with 1* for support expired :cry:

I’m definitely interested to hear how exactly this is handled, a star rating attributed to support on an unsupported item is definitely an issue with Envatos system.

Agreed - this needs addressing otherwise as soon as March 1st comes, where going to get pure abuse over something we have no control over.

I expect Envato will do sweet FA to help of course, other than politely tell us that the guidelines allow it, but any kind of official response would be better than nothing (ideally a little sooner than your usual last minute announcement at the end of Feb which offers us no value at all please Envato)

That’s a tough one. From a customer standpoint (which is mine, I don’t sell anything here, I buy things), I don’t expect you folks to provide updates and support through eternity for a single, say $25 payment. On the other hand, I find that 6 month policy to be pretty limiting, particularly for Wordpress items, where an update anywhere down the line can cause a problem.

One star reviews aside, it’s going to cause some friction (just curious about who waits six months to give a review though).

Do you have any leeway on this, as in can you provide support for what appears to be a legitimate problem after six months, or are you tied to having to refuse?

For plugins there would have to be some way to get continuing support and updates. You can’t afford to let them lapse, it get’s you break-ins. Perhaps there should be some sort of continuing paid support policy, and it shouldn’t be you pay extra when you buy the item, but when the original 6 months actually runs out?

Case in point, Visual Composer. I just had a problem with their latest update, and I bought the item well over a year ago. Since I use it on multiple sites, I tend to buy a new copy every six months to use on a new site which updates the licenses on all of them. For something like that which I depend on, I wouldn’t be able to use it if support went dead after six months.