Item Support Update Question

What happens after 6 months?
If Buyer ask for support, how can we say no?
If we do they will simply rate our item to lowest possible.
It has happened to me already, buyer asked me to customize a plugin for the theme he is using and when i said it is not part of support he just rated it 1/5.
When i reported to Envato they said Buyers can rate whatever they think is appropriate.
So i end up de-listing that item.


+1 for this question.

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Yeah, there’s inevitably going to be those instances where customers after 6 months may leave negative feedback for not offering support. I guess all we can do is politely inform them that they need to purchase extended support and hope they understand.

Good question. In general the rating system is outdated and full of injustice!

Baseless ratings regarding support will be removed. There was an official response by Andrew on this when I asked the same question in old forums.

My big question is this:
How can we know if the user is in that “6 months” ? I see no informations about this in Author Dashboard.
How can we know if we are in this 6 months after we purchased something ?
Does the purchases before the update, are eligible for support ?

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Envato added some API values before the release of the item support extension ( ) but I don’t think you can easily view it from your author dashboard / comments section yet.

May be in Forum thread, But reality is different. User can rate our support, this means no matter how great your product is you will still end up with bad rating…

Envato f*'ed up with this support system.

And they acted against the community where majority said this was going to happen.

I hope Envato fires the guy with this brilliant support idea.


Hi guys, please keep questions about the new item support policy over in the existing thread: Item Support Policy and Functionality Launched. Thanks!