1 millions views!

Hi guys, i just discovered this video on YT : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5JpDQ7jAjG8
They used my song “Time” (5:18 - end) and i think that they bought it on Audiojungle as regular license (18$)…but this is my question: now that video counts 1 million views, they must buy an extended license?

There’s no such thing as an extended license for music tracks, but no… they don’t need anything more than a standard license if they’re just using it on YouTube, even if they have a billion views.

Thanks spacestock

What if an audio track purchased with a standard license is used on small time community cable television with less than 1 million viewers? Does some sort of extended license need to be purchased and how does one do that? Thanks. New to this.